Command Line

In this video, you'll learn about commands, the command line and the most useful commands like find nodes, remind me and more

Our command line gives you the magic of a developer at your fingertips.

It's lightning fast and picks up commands as you type. You can launch powerful commands to operate and change the behavior or view of the node you're on.

You launch it with ⌘+ k (Mac) or ctrl + k (PC)

You can define custom shortcuts for any command in the command line, all the way down to setting specific tags or field values. To trigger shortcut recording, open the command line, find the command you want to set a shortcut for, and hit cmd+shift+k / ctrl+shift+k

Essential commands and what they do
Remind me
Sends your node to a date of your choice, like tomorrow or a specific date
Find nodes
Gives you the possibility to set up list or tables based on time created, dates, information in fields and much more
View as
Show you quickly the different views from the command line. When you have a shared workspace, you can move an item there
Move to
When you have a shared workspace, you can move a node there

A Tana backbone function: Find nodes

The "Find nodes" command gives every user the magical powers of developers, allowing you to create what would have been complex database queries, lightning fast and easy in one command:

  • find nodes with a specific tag, and view them in a list or table, like "Find nodes with tag #todo as list"

  • find nodes created within a certain timeframe "Find nodes created last 7 days as list"

  • or combine them with "Find nodes with tag #todo created last 7 days as list"

  • find nodes with specific fields, and the values in these fields "Find nodes with tag #todo created last 7 days with field Owner=John Doe as list"