Introduction to Supertags

Supertags are the backbone of Tana, it's how you can give structure and context to item lightning fast, keeping your flow.

In this video you'll get an introduction to Supertags, how to create, change and use them.

You can create a supertag by:

Adding a tag to an item, clicking it and insert fields via the configure-panel

Create a structure you want, and launching the command "Create supertag"

Remember to have in the supertag, not regular content if you want to be able to add values in the tagged node.

🏷️ Supertags typically looks like this:

A good way to check if a supertag is right, is thinking "is a" when adding the tag. Marisha is a #person. Oslo is a #city.

Below are examples of how NOT to do it:

  • Supertags #TanaInc

  • or

  • Recipes from #JaneDoe


In the advanced section we've put features that make the supertag even more faster.

Show as checkbox gives the supertag a checkbox as a default behavior

Extend an existing tag gives the current supertag the fields of an already existing supertag.

Built title from fields gives the item the title of the fields, which gives you more speed - just tag a node, fill in the fields, and the item gets the title automatically. This is a great way for a team to have a consistent way of writing titles.

A navigation target is a custom target you can add for clicking the supertag. This will gives you the option to go straight to the target. If you have a list of tasks, a list of bugs, or a kanban for your team, it basically works like a shortcut.

You can add # to an item without doing anything else. This will behave like any other #, like on Twitter or Instagram. You can find it in search, make lists and a table of it.

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