Home Node

The top of the sidebar is your personal workspace, where you can build your lists and tables, save all your relevant information, and set up your workflows. Clicking your personal workspace will send you to your home, which acts like the base of your platform.

You can change your avatar by clicking it and uploading a new picture. The Schema shows you all the supertags in your workspace, and the Library shows created items that don't live in a specific context. Options are where you can lightning-fast set personal preferences and see your custom keyboard shortcuts.

In the options, you can set which workspaces you allow references from - this means that if you're in a shared workspace, you can allow references and tags from that workspace into the your autocomplete within your own.

At the top menu, you'll find Quick add, search, Notifications, and shortcuts to keyboard shortcuts. In ⚙️ you'll find Tana Labs, this is where we put features that are tested internally, but not externally. One of the things you'll find here is Saved Layouts. With this activated, you can put a layout you often use in the sidebar.

💡 tip: You can open and collapse the sidebar by clicking the bar-icon on the top left of the sidebar.

This is an efficient way of giving you more screen space on smaller displays. It also provides focus and calm for your eyes when doing deep work, and removing notifications.