Tana Labs

We've created Tana Labs for the users that want to test our upcoming features, but can handle some pain.

These are features that we've tested internally but not externally. They might be released quickly after external testing, or removed completely.

You'll find them under the settings ⚙️ on your upper right:

Options you can enableDescriptionComments
Will be deprecated
Will show a number next to all of your nodes with at least 1 reference counting the number of times it has been referenced. By clicking on that number, you will see all of the references to that node.
Only shown in list mode, not inside field values or tables
Allows you to search with regex. In order to use this, edit the search expression in the editor and type /.../, subbing out the ... for your regex expression.
Currently only works to search for node titles
Does not allow you to use regexp within the value of a field in your live searches.
Allows you to view the nodes indented underneath the target node as tabs. In order to use, run the View as tabs command, or choose tabs in the Views dropdown
If you open up multiple panels, this will allow you to save your layout to revisit later.