Title Expressions

Save time - let the title be built from the value in the fields!

To avoid having to write duplicate info, a title expression can be set for the supertag, which composes values from the node into a title.

The demo above is built like this:

E.g. the title expression for the above example would be ${Objective} ${Date}. You can also write between the fields, it could look like this; ${Objective} with the team at ${Date}

The title expression uses the actual name of the attribute.

The existing name of the node can be accessed through ${name}. Note that if the title expression begins with ${name}, you will be able to edit the first part of the title directly on the node. In any other case, the node title will be locked for editing (even if ${name} appears later in the expression)

Additional attributes available in the title expression are $

  • ${cdate} and ${ctime} - Created date and time

  • ${mdate} and ${mtime} - Modified date and time

  • ${sys:description} - Description field

  • ${sys:createdAt} - Time of creation

  • ${sys:lastModifiedAt} - Time of last edit

  • ${sys:lastModifiedBy} - User who last edited the node

  • ${sys:modifiedBy} - All users who ever created/modified the node

  • ${sys:owner} - Parent node