Visua presents

Kirsten Bonnen Rask Masterclass in screenwriting

24 - 27th of may in Sevilla, Spain

Acclaimed script consultant, danish born Kirsten Bonnen Rask, has worked on a numerous of Scandinavian screenplays, and is very appreciated amongst writers in the nordic countries, both as a lecturer and as a consultant. Some of her work include Academy award nominated «Breaking the waves» by Lars von Trier, «Wallander» tv-series, and «Import-eksport».

What is a good story, well told?

That is one of the many questions she will answer when you meet the «script doctor» for this intensive two-day masterclass. She will talk and give examples about (kort om programmet)The last two days you have the opporunity to bring in your own project for an one-on-one consultation.

The masterclass is for writers (both beginners and veterans), producers, directors, actors, and all involved in storytelling. The focus and examples will be on film, but it will be useful for both novellists and gamewriters as well.

Old Expo buildings, Sevilla


The location will be in southern Spain, the historical city Sevilla. For those who have not been there, you might have seen scenes from Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia or Knight&Day? Well, Its the perfect relaxing atmosphere for a writer, and you will have time to enjoy the inspirational air. The masterclass will be held in one of the old expo buildings, now restored to a hotel. More practical info here.