4. april 2007

Opera Software ASA
Waldemar Thranes gate 98
NO-0175 OSLO

Application for QA internship in Opera Software

Dear Opera Software

As a part of my current bachelor in digital medias at the University of Oslo I went to Dagen@ifi this fall. At the end of Karl Henning Kalvø's presentation he handed out a small questionnaire asking how interested I would be to work at Opera. I immediately checked the answer very interested and signed up for your mailing list. So I was thrilled to get the e-mail about your two month QA internship opening this summer. I believe that my experiences, and especially my interests, fits perfectly with this job.

I am, what most people would characterize as a typical geek. I spend most of my spare time on the internet, mostly keeping up to date with the newest developments in web and technology. I have spent a lot of time voluntarily beta testing and reporting bugs on software. This includes Democracy, Firefox, and Ubuntu 7.04. In addition I have, on a completely voluntarily basis, functioned as a support staff on the forum of Mozilla Norge for some time.

In my own eyes some of my best qualities is my curiosity and my ability to see what could be done better and how to do it, and my almost never ending stream of new ideas. I am also an early adopter and love to tinker with new technology. To learn more about me please feel free to refer to any of my online presences:

I would be more than willing to meet in person if you would like to get to know me better. In any case I can be reached through these channels at any time:

(+47) 979 83 262
MSN Messenger

If I am online at the time you read this you can also reach me on Jabber through the widget to the right. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.


Børge Andre Roum
Moldegata 23
0445 Oslo